Who is running this?

Jessa (Jesnic)

Social Media Manager & Event Blogger Manager

Cielo Capalini

Owner of moss&mink

Ella (ArianaClaire)

Owner of Elm

What's this all about?

Mainstore Mixer is here to mix things up. To bring you new releases, along with discounted items, group gifts and free updates.
The best part? Getting to discover all the amazing past releases you might have missed from your favorite stores, as well as some new ones.

It runs monthly from the 20th, for 2 weeks, giving you plenty of time to explore and discover each of the stores that are taking part.

When does it open?

Each round starts on the 20th and runs for 2 weeks.

How do I get to the event?

Check out the Shopping Guide page to find all the Teleports and item photos for each of the stores participating.

I really wanted this item, now the round is over!!

Don’t worry, chances are that the item is now setup somewhere in the creators store. Take a peek, you might find the object of your desire, along with some other new favorites to take home.

Omg, the Lag!!

Ahh, our most despised thing. Depending on how many people around, how stable the grid is and numerous other factors, it’s not something we can easily control. There are some things you can do though!

You can go to World > Show Friends Only. This will help derender most of the other avatars around you quickly.

Shop fully alpha’d, with no attachments or HUDs. This helps reduce the load on your viewer.

Choosing your shopping day. The first few days of a round will be the busiest, picking a quieter day will help you with lag immensely.

I'm a creator, how do I join in?

The event is by Invite , however we’re only human, we don’t know all the awesome stores out there, so if you create amazing, exclusive to your store items, then we’d love to take a peek.

Just pop your details in the form here.
This is not an application, a spot is not guaranteed.

How do I blog for the event?

We’re not like a regular event, each of the stores taking part has their own blogger teams, so we are not looking for bloggers. Thank you for your interest.